We are all Scarlet

Sometimes we feel invincible. Other times we feel our humanity. We are all strong, vulnerable, kind, ruthless, generous, selfish, happy, and broken.

We are all Scarlet.

Scarlet Lock, one of the main characters in Eternal Darknessis possibly the most relate-able characters I’ve met. Like Cady from Illuminae, she shows her fear when she’s scared, even while knowing she’s invincible.

Scarlet is your typical (20?)something year old girl, who was born into a life she never asked for. She faces abuse in many different ways but what’s most important about her is she understands forgiveness. She goes through hell, loses everything she has, but still stands up and asks the world “Is that all you got?” and keeps fighting. She listens to her heart which sometimes leads to disaster, but that’s what being human is.

When she’s not being a badass, she is just a normal girl who wants to flirt with a boy and do her makeup to feel pretty.

Have I convinced you yet that we are all Scarlet?

If not, here’s one last aspect of her personality that you should know. She fails. She makes mistakes that haunt her, but she battles them. She embraces her humanity and lets her past engulf her but never lets it control her. She’s broken but resilient.

How about now?



  1. This just popped up in my feed – y’know the way it does – and I. Really glad it did. I haven’t actually read Eternal Darkness but now I have an inclination to read it now. Hmmm guess I’ll be buying that on the way home :). Thank you



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